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Anybody building anything?

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TAG Steve


Joined: 15 Jun 2008
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Location: Shetland UK

PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 9:05 am    Post subject: Anybody building anything? Reply with quote

As I am part way through finishing the third bedroom, which I started last October. I was wondering if anyone is building anything else out there?
Also is anyone building any terrain? Embarassed
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Jordan Peacock


Joined: 20 Jun 2008
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 2:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, I'm working on miniatures and scenery for several one-shot games I'll be running my regular play group through, as playtests for the game scenarios I'll be running at Necronomicon in October.


I'm kitbashing a few Heroclix and Horrorclix minis for the Ghostbusters for one scenario. For the male Ghostbuster team members, I'm using the "Ghost Finder" figure from Horrorclix, with some craft pieces of wood, paper clip wire, and Magic Sculp epoxy putty (plus some "bitz") to make the proton packs, ghost traps, and such. For two female team members, I'm using a Sydney Savage figure (Indyclix) with the arm repositioned, and some putty to transform the whip into a proton pack projector - and then a Paramedic (Heroclix) with a custom backpack in place of the med pack the figure normally carries.

For some visual interest on the bases, I used some craft sticks (basically unused "popsicle sticks" sold in large quantities in local craft stores) cut down into planks for somewhat irregular wooden plank floors. I could get a decent "wooden floor" effect by just scoring the plastic of the base to suggest gaps, with light scoring for wood grain, and then paint it and drybrush it - but this gives a better effect for mismatched planks to suggest an old, creepy house.

For ghosts, I've got an assortment of Horrorclix minis I'm planning on putting on new bases (since the Clix bases have a footprint of nearly 36mm or 1.5" diameter); there are several of the later Clix minis that are made of transparent or translucent plastic, making for some cool ghost effects that I couldn't possibly replicate by painting a plastic or metal figure. (I can't paint "transparent," after all. Wink )

For scenery, I hit the local thrift store and found a "Batman" play set. I plan on detaching the piece for the "Wayne Manor" facade on the front, to use it as a front piece for the creepy asylum where the Ghostbusters will be busting ghosts, with some modifications to adjust the apparent scale. I plan on kitbashing a scale-appropriate toy or model car or two to serve as the local "Ecto" vehicle (Ecto-42, I think, since this is a franchise).

For interiors, I'll likely use floor tiles and some preexisting "modern" prop pieces I've kitbashed or gathered together for superhero-themed games. If all else fails, I've got "Doom: The Board Game," which has a lot of inter-linking floor passages and rooms - but the downside is that most of them are depicted with huge, conspicuous gory blood smears all over - and that just doesn't seem quite right for Ghostbusters. I may therefore use some Hirst Arts tiles instead, glued down either on some insulation foam board, foam-core (although that may warp a bit), or else cork board (the best material for this sort of thing, but also the most expensive).


I'm also gathering together various Clix minis for a Slipstream scenario. I've found that there are lots of "superhero" and "supervillain" figures that would fit rather well into the 1930s-1950s retro rocketships-and-rayguns look. Right now, I'm kitbashing a few figures to try to suggest such heroes as Flash Gordon (not pictured), Buck Rogers (although I've since swapped heads on the figure to give him a Buck-Rogers-style space helmet), Commando Cody (though the rocket pack is a bit more elaborate than he had in the serials), Crash Corrigan (not pictured), Space Cadet Tom Corbett (also not pictured), and various "space minions." I'm looking at some little plastic eye-dropper pieces that a friend of mine uses when casting resin as a possible source of "bubble helmets," but I still have some technical issues to sort out.

The big, feature piece is going to be the rocketship. I've been scouting out thrift stores for toys or household items that might yield the pieces I can use to make the "shell" for the craft, but no luck so far. As a last resort, I might end up building the basic shape from a 2-liter soda bottle. For the interior, I plan on using some foam board to make the supporting frame and walking surface; the model will split into top and bottom portions so that it can be closed up as a "display" piece at the table, or opened up so miniatures can be placed inside. My friend has a bunch of the Hirst Arts sci-fi floors molds, and I've already accumulated a large collection of "techno-bits" to make the engine room, control panels, access hatches, etc. I'll be happy to share some pictures as I make some progress on that. (I've just been mostly focusing on the miniatures first, and hoping for a lucky break on some scrap pieces to turn up in the thrift stores to make my job easier.)
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