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Ordo Stereotypes

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2012 5:45 pm    Post subject: Ordo Stereotypes Reply with quote

Re-post from Pinnacle site:

One of the themes I did realize until lately is that despite the literal end of humanity, no one gets along. I was thinking to help players out with interacting with other Sacer Ordos having stereotypes like World of Darkness did for vampire clans, werewolf tribes, and mage traditions.

Ordo Hastae Sanctae (Impalers)
On Lazerites: Pray not to be sent out with one of them. They want us to use our spears as pins to hold the Rephaim for study not destruction.
On Incinerators: We put the Rephaim up on the stake, they burn them down off the stake. Just don't stand too close to the flame if you value your eyebrows.
On Templars: They boast of their bravery from the comfort of their MBT's seat on the battlefield. It takes real guts to fight the Rephaim face-to-face.
On Preachers: Theirs in bot a bravery found on the battlefield forged in valor, but rather a courage formed from compassion.
On Penitents: We understand the difficulty of redemption of them. While they have sinned, they are still our brothers and sisters in arms.

Ordo Lazari Sancti (Lazarites):
On Impalers: I think they named the heartbreaker to spite us. Every time we capture a superb specimen, they use that weapon and break my heart.
On Incinerators: They simply do not understand that if we are to win this war, we must know our enemy.
On Templars: Their zeal for standing and fighting serves aids the Rephaim more often than aids them.
On Preachers: Take care when discussing need to know information with them as their intelligence networks are far greater than our own.
On Penitents: They are good at following orders and willing to selflessly sacrifice themselves for redemption. Use them first in capturing dangerous Rephaim.

Ordo Sacrae Flamulae (Incinerators)
On Impalers: They are the sergeon's blade as we are the cleansing fire to rid the universe that is the cancer known as Rephaim.
On Lazerites: Fools led by the Pope's whore. They think good can come from gazing into the abyss's darkness. Only fire can cleanse Salus, not knowledge.
On Templars: While boastful and prideful, they are brave on the battlefield none the less.
On Preachers: Useful for rooting out the wolves of the Rephaim among the sheep. They have saved many villages from our fire, however; they are also the first to accuse us of going too far.
On Penitents: Perhaps it is our zeal, but more Penitents are from our Ordo than any other. Show them respect until they are absolved.

Ordo Templi Novi (Templars)
On Impalers: Good fighters, will 'stick' out with you but they are rough on the equipment.
On Lazarites: My Prophet still smells of the last Rephaim I had to transport because of one them.
On Incinerators:
On Preachers:
On Penitents:

Ordo Verbi Baenedicti (Preachers)
On Impalers:
On Lazarites:
On Incinerators:
On Templars:
On Penitents:

Ordo Penitentia (Penitents)
On Impalers:
On Lazarites:
On Incinerators:
On Templars:
On Preachers:

I'm not sure I have the best understanding of the Ordos in relation with each other. I think that the Impalers are generally not thought of one way or another. The Lazarites are disliked across the board. The Incinerators are viewed as zealots even among the craziest of knights. The Templars are arrogant braggarts. The Preachers are generally liked by often considered naive, and the Penitents are either cannon fodder or pitied, sometimes at the same time.
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